Subash Thebe

Etude op 8 its all about you again

Subash Thebe’s practice alludes to almost Neo-abstract expressionism. The gestures of line and colour visually present a cacophonous aftermath of both spontaneity and premeditated experiments whilst listening and re-acting to classical music, which are eventually named after the title of the score.

His paintings and their subsequent naming become an allusion to the art and music that he truly adores. Every slash of colour, every swiping stroke, resonates with the passion of a conductor astride his orchestra, antagonising his musicians to a crescendo. Putting paint on canvas quenches an unconscious desire, that the artist may or may not have, which would otherwise be impossible to realise.

Although the artist prefers large scale canvas’ to fulfill the physicality of his responses to music, his recent works, namely the Étude series, are mostly studies on small ready-made frames and mirrors. The recurring wave like pattern refers to the shape and form of a sound wave and is sometimes accompanied by a copy of the music sheet.

Subash Graduated from Middlesex University with a Fine Art BA Honours, 2011. He was born in Dharan, Nepal and lives and works in London.

To buy Subash’s other works visit:


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