Rajaul Hoque

Breathe in and breathe out and reboot. They say an artist remembers the first stroke and the last, anything in-between is a journey, like a runner doses when they do a 26 marathon or a mile run. I’ve always played the game, the enigma in my head and the finely tuned rules that go with it. We will all experience a degree of rebirth as we are born to die as accountability of our actions has weight! It’s always negative swaying to positive! There’s always a switch to turn on –  the light in a darkroom – and all you have to do is find it. Using this method of acting as if life is in a play that will end with curtains down: make sure you find that switch so can turn it on as you are the darkroom that is in the dark.  If you don’t you are a soul which is despair.


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